Ranch_Roundup Texas



Texas Indian name ” tejas ” – friends, allies – 28th state entered the Union in 1845, is the symbol of American vastness , wealth and social success. Beyond the folklore of the land of ranches and black gold, cattle barons and country music , Texas remains primarily a land of immigrants with German or Alsatian pioneers in the 19th century and later Mexicans. In a country which combines the contrary , where the feeling has no place , Texans are winners who know only the fittest , but it can show love art and culture or even enlightened patron in maintaining large cities prestigious symphony orchestras and glitzy museums. The richness of the subsoil oil to which is added the cultivation of cereals and cotton contributed to the prosperity of Texas , as displayed proudly Dallas with its skyscrapers , its space center and Fort Worth and Houston. El Paso , like San Antonio, cradle of Texan Independence , has retained its Spanish influence with missions and colonial houses. Texas offers an infinite variety of landscapes with a unique flora and fauna , with its parks: Guadalupe Mountains National Park – Hueco Tanks State Historical Park – Big Bend National Park with its barren beauty of the desert of Chihuahua , its gentle wooded hills and harshness cliffs overlooking the winding Rio Grande Gorge . With its wild and wonderful decor, popularized by many western , land of Texas extend vast plains are the domain of huge herds of cattle and rude ” cattlemen ” who once spent their lives on horseback , and even if the vehicles terrain and helicopters replaced the great rides , Texas has kept its ultimate ambiance West rodeo at festivals or days of sale bulls at auction. Texas is the land of “Longhorn,” race hardy cattle whose horns can span more than 2 meters long left in the wild , they were recovered by early ranchers and form huge flocks. The Texan spirit is defined by individualism resolved with a profound religious sense , conservative, materialistic and entrepreneurship but the Texan is not reduced its cowboys , ranches and rodeos, cities such as Houston, Dallas Fort Worth and San Antonio are among the cultural centers in North America.