New York

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The city was founded by the Dutch almost 4 centuries ago. New York was admitted into the Union in 1788 and was the 11th state of the Constitution.

New York is the largest city in the United States, it is a unique phenomenon which America has difficulty recognizing. Love it or hate it New York, this city never leaves you indifferent. The fascination of New York is due to the extreme, contradictions here are more intense than in any other American city, and every visitor, scared from the first second he faces this encounter with shock, asks willingly of “déjà vu” to this urban cocktail.

New York has always several steps ahead of the rest of America, it is in New York that are born and died the different currents that influence the USA. The most striking symbol is the light arena dazzling Times Square innate taste of metamorphosis and novelty.

The city’s possess many gourmet restaurants, galleries, shopping, art-museums, quality shows that New Yorkers enjoy tirelessly.

The plan checkerboard of the city, dating from 1811, provides easy orientation in Manhattan.

In the “Big Apple” the visitor can find the highest peaks and deepest abysses, the refinement of the Fifth Avenue a few blocks from the Harlem poverty, bohemian elegance of Greenwich Village, Soho, a stone’s throw from the crowds of Times Square ,the high places of commerce and finance in Midtown and the Financial District. On the one hand, there is the wasteland of the Bronx and on the other the affluent neighborhoods of York Queens and Brooklyn New bourgeoisie

The Statue of Liberty with its museum which traces the genesis of the statue, the stages of its construction and its financing. Ellis Island Immigration Museum, in service from 1892 to 1954 has seen 12 million candidates for U.S. immigration.

“Harlequin” to coat concrete, glass and asphalt, New York will be what your eye, your feet decide, a golden window of 21st century America or a ghetto of Eastern Europe in the beginning of this century”

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