Bourbon-Street new orleans

Bourbon Street


You must enter Louisiana pushing the door of history : the mists of the Atchafalaya Basin , the endless meandering Mississippi and silence bayous capture . Life is punctuated by music, art of celebration and the pleasures of the table . Entry into the Union of the United States in 1812, called Pelican State , Louisiana was the 18ieme State. It evokes easily Louisiana as a voluptuous country where people sing and dance, while sucking legs crayfish but also leaving the “right time elapsed .” France has of course left its mark and the history of this region reminds us constantly : René Robert Cavelier , Sieur de La Salle was the first to descend the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico in 1682, he claimed irrigated land by the river and its tributaries in the name of the King of France gave them the name of Louisiana . It is true that Louisiana with his friend the Mississippi band bottom part within the Union of the United States. Bayous , cypress and orchids, define the territory of Louisiana, vast swamp in which dilutes the Mississippi River . Unique landscape which proliferates lush semi- tropical vegetation from the lower Mississippi Valley fascinating . All visitors leave lulled by this sensuality, this communicative joy of living that characterize Louisiana. The first permanent white location on the Mississippi was founded in 1716 under the name of Fort Rosalie by the French , it is the city of Natchez. New Orleans was born two years later and was founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne , Sieur de Bienville to be the capital of the territories of Mississippi. The Vieux Carré despite its name from French Quarter , spoke rather of Spanish architecture , and its ethnic mix reflects the increased importance of slavery. Plantations King “Cotton” : Rosedown – Nottoway – Greenwood – Oak Alley and the famous avenue of oaks , or almost all have kept their original whiteness of the Mississippi River , a formidable mass of almost motionless water , only barges loaded ply and replace the paddle boats , which in the 30s, represented the wealth of the great river . The economy is based on petrochemicals, aluminum and food-processing industries but especially on tourism. Louisiana awaits visitors to tell its resistance to hurricanes and eddies of its history. The capital of jazz has kept a beautiful rebellious spirit , indomitable with some lasciviousness which cultural and human wealth is associated with a unique multiple city , surprising and magical.