Grand Canyon 2




The State of Arizona, the Spanish “arida zoster” or arid region, entered the Union in 1912 is the 48th state and last of the continental states.

Its capital Phoenix, is surrounded by more than 120 golf courses which gives a touch of sophistication to the State. It symbolizes the Wild West with the ruins of the ghost towns like Bisbee and Tombstone , the great outdoors with the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley and the turquoise waters trapped in red sandstone cliffs of Lake Powell, all that brings wellbeing to the state and tourists from around the world. Tourism being a great source of revenues for the State.

With 306 days of sunshine per year it’s the warmest temperatures of the Union.

L’Arizona, with the irrigated valleys in the South, is a major producer of cotton, vegetables and citrus. The wealth of the state rests largely on mineral wealth : gold, silver, copper – Arizona is the largest producer of manganese and uranium in the USA. The Weather conditions makes Arizona a very important state for the aerospace research.

Arizona is also the residence of the oldest tribe of Indians Hopi, and the largest Indian tribe in the United States, the Navajo nation.