Yellowstone Faithful geyser


Wyoming, the Indian word ” alternating between mountains and valleys ” is the 44th state of the Union. Part of the Northern Rockies , this area was a French colony and was called ” terra incognita ” , inhabited by tribes and celestial wildlife mysterious. The Indians said ” The Great Spirit will put everything in the right place . There has snowy mountains and sunny plains , all kinds of climates and good things for every season. When burned grasslands, you can rest at the foot of the mountains where the air is fresh and sweet , the grass is soft and clear streams cascade down cascade snowy slope . ” . When the young American nation receipt in 1803 , she wrote the latest chapter in the history of the conquest of the West. Territory of many Indians , the resistance was terrible and it was the most prestigious officers of the United States to destroy the great Indian chiefs as Sitting Bull , Crazy Horse and Big Foot , it is obvious that their shadows still hover in the vast plains of the Little Big Horn.Entré in the EU in 1890 after heavy fighting , Wyoming is a quiet area for nature lovers , those who have always dreamed of cruising in their escapades bison or observe grizzly bears, the myth of Wild West has wrought in the lands of Northern Rockies . Yellowstone National Park, the oldest of America’s national parks is justifiably the most famous and most mysterious. It has a varied and abundant wildlife , numerous hot water geysers fascinate every visitor. Grand Teton National Park , chain of steep granite mountain and overlooks a vast glacial valley occupied by three lakes and traversed by the Snake River raging torrent which rises in Wyoming and flows into the Pacific. Jackson Hole, western small and bustling city is very nice with its wooden houses painted in bright colors – Cody , a city founded in 1895 by a group of ranchers including William F. Cody – the famous Buffalo Bill – has kept its tourism. Devils Tower, true volcanic cone stands his strange figure at nearly 300 meters high and stands for millions of years of water erosion Belle Fourche River , sacred place of the Plains Indians . Fort Laramie , mythical fort built in 1834 on the banks of the Platte River was once the principal military post of the Northern Great Plains and many Indian treaties were negotiated . Cheyenne, capital of the State of Wyoming, located near the Wyoming border , has always retained its frontier vibe with an air of something unfinished , it owes its name to the Indian tribe ” Cheyenne ” which occupied the region. The main resources are livestock , coal, oil. The city is very famous for its rodeos. The Cheyenne Frontier Days Old Museum exalts the spirit of the Wild West .