Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois. This state, the 21th of the United States Constitution was incorporated into the Union in 1818 , its capital is Springfield . Chicago called the ” Windy City ” ( Windy City ) is the strategic environment of the North American continent , the center of trade and transportation planning Grande Prairie but Chicago is first and foremost , a city of industry. The city with its skyscrapers of glass, steel, concrete and marble, prepared as organs, packed like needles and lined up like soldiers , throw a proud defiance to the vastness of the lake which extends their feet . Chicago has two faces, with Lake Michigan was a magical scene where white sails gleaming edges off and play with the waves in the admiration of swimmers and volleyball players on the beach. Birthplace of modern architecture , Chicago tends to overlook a rather glorious past in the Loop district , the business district , which is lively day desert night , the monuments of the first Chicago School were preserved narrowly demolition, auditorium Sullivan became a university, the Fisher Building and Manhattan are unwell and Reliance falling apart . The city of Chicago has long forgotten the settling of accounts between gangs of pimps or bootleggers , violent times of Prohibition, Al Capone’s ghost is indeed dead . Far from the legends, the city of Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States and its vitality allowed him to adapt to change and remain a city of prime importance despite the obstacles of the industrialization. Unlike its neighbors like Detroit or Cleveland experiencing great difficulties of conversion , the city of Chicago has anticipate changes : its airport – O’Hare – replaced the rail and maritime transport is an important aviation hub . Very large companies like Boeing have transferred their headquarters there , and airlines – United Airlines and American Airlines – came to settle there . Chicago became the 2nd financial center of the United States after New York Exchange. The main change to the city in recent years is the influx of Latinos or Hispanics, primarily from Mexico , they now represent 30% of the population , and Chicago is the 3rd largest city with the Hispanic community in the United States after Los Angeles and Miami. Magnificent Mile, a part of Michigan Avenue is the most chic Chicago area with its galleries, department stores , hotels and restaurants, large corporations but also its prestige homes . Born in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta , the ” blues ” accompanies the long migration of black workers to the industrial North after World War I , the musicians follow suit and came to settle in Chicago, attracted by the possibility of create a new life , they find themselves out of habit , the Maxwell Street market , the heart of the South End, which quickly became the birthplace of Chicago Blues for music. very rhythmic Delta Blues is played by a group and is amplified to be heard by a large audience . The Art Institute of Chicago is an important Neo -Renaissance guarded by two bronze lions palace and was built in 1893, on the occasion of the Universal Exposition in Chicago when the city was very poor in art, Chicago now has a and this important collection , thanks to businessman Charles Hutchinson who devoted part of his personal fortune to travel the world to bring works of art then , he managed to convince wealthy Bertha Palmer bequeath his large personal collection of Impressionist paintings at the Museum . Chicago is a life has many faces , the splendor of its center can not hide the misery of some areas of the South. The subway through an impressive landscape of buildings without roofs , windows without glass , filled with wrecked cars and all of a sudden , everything changes land, buildings are lit and the Loop appears in all its splendor .